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Will Your Love Last Forever? Here’s How You’ll Know

“Will my love last forever?” This is a common concern among couples who are in a serious relationship. Of course, when we are in it for the long haul, we want it to last. We want our relationship to stand the test of time. But, can it really?

Can Your Love Last Forever? Signs That Say Yes

We may not have the ability to tell you that your love will last for 100 years – no one can predict exactly how long a relationship will last. But, what we can tell you are surprising signs that indicate your relationship could be permanent:

1. You will NOT do everything for your partner.

The first sign could be a little surprising to you because when you love someone you’re supposed to be willing to do anything and everything. That’s what the media tells you. You should willing to do what you can, but you don’t need to bend over backwards just to give your partner what he or she wants.

2. You rely on yourself for personal growth and happiness.

Most of the time, we rely our growth and happiness on our significant other. To us, this seems normal because we have gotten used to our partner being our source of joy. Honestly, this is too much pressure for one person to handle. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you have to rely on yourself for personal growth and happiness.

3. There is an emotional, physical and financial connection.

Couples who do not last long usually connect either emotionally and physically, but not financially. Sometimes, it’s just financial and physical, but not emotional. You need to be involved in all three for the relationship to be balanced and harmonious.

By where the signs are going, you can probably tell the message we want to convey. The bottom line is, to make your love last forever, you have to maintain both your individuality and your togetherness to really strengthen your bond. Even if you fall out of love, as most couples naturally do after several years of being together, the relationship can still be worked on because you’ve maintained your singularity as persons while still focusing on strengthening your partnership and togetherness.

Can you spot any of the signs you’ve read in this article in your current relationship? We hope that you do. For more articles on relationships and dating, check out more of our blog here.