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You Won’t Be Cold With These Ice-Queens From AnastasiaDate

How do you feel about the winter season? Do you love it, or do you think it’s too cold? Well, the irresistible five from AnastasiaDate we have on this week’s list seem to love the beauty, the snow, the adventures, the vacations and everything else that goes with winter, so much so that you can easily call them ice queens.

If you’re feeling cold during this winter season, one of the irresistible five on this list might be willing to have a cup hot cocoa with you in front of an open fire. Let’s meet the ladies:


Sofia | You Won't Be Cold With These Ice-Queens From AnastasiaDate
Does Sofia look like an Ice-Queen? Click on her name or picture to visit her profile.

Sofia is no stranger to cold. She lives in Moscow where temperatures can have extreme drops. But, she does love her city. During her spare time, she loves hanging out with her friends because they make her laugh. If you can make her smile or laugh, she might prefer your company. Just a little tip: when you go out on a date, take her to the best pizza parlor in town.


Anastasia | You Won't Be Cold With These Ice-Queens From AnastasiaDate
Anastasia is looking absolutely gorgeous in her white dress. Learn more about her by visiting her dating profile.

Unlike Marina, Anastasia is one irresistible five lady who likes winter for all the right reasons. She loves to ice-skate, she loves the color white, and she’s looking forward to having some fun during the holidays on ski resorts. Do you think you can out skate Anastasia on the ice? You can try. If you’re an honest guy who shows her that you truly care, maybe she will let you win an ice-skating race.


Marina | You Won't Be Cold With These Ice-Queens From AnastasiaDate
Marina looks like she could be a real Ice-Queen. See more of her pictures on her profile.

Doesn’t Marina look regal? This gorgeous lady from Ukraine may look like a real ice queen, but she says that she does not see herself as such because she has not found a king yet. She would like to meet someone who can be near her always, who is respectful and who loves her unconditionally.


Aleksandra | You Won't Be Cold With These Ice-Queens From AnastasiaDate
Is Aleksandra the prettiest journalist you’ve ever seen? Click on her name or photo to visit her profile.

Check Aleksandra’s AnastasiaDate profile, and you’ll see that she is very romantic and has a way with words. She works as a journalist in Paris, France. But, honestly, she can model because she has the looks and the “it” factor. According to this irresistible five lady, she loves winters because the sky looks frozen. She also likes the feel of the cold air on her cheeks.


Marina | You Won't Be Cold With These Ice-Queens From AnastasiaDate
Who do you think will win a game of pool? You or Marina? Ask her yourself.

Last on this irresistible five list is Marina. To her summers are for swimming, while winters are for skiing. She plans to do some skiing while she vacations in one of the ski resorts that’s closest to her city. If you love skiing too, you’ll probably want to meet Marina in person and ski together this coming New Year. Find out more about what else you have in common.

A lot of people say that Ice Queens have a cold heart, but clearly, the winter queens we have on this week’s list are anything but cold. If you want to get to know them more, click on their name or picture. Watch out for next week’s list and don’t forget to visit AnastasiaDate to meet more women who love the feel of the winter season.