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What You Must Do Before Texting Your Ex

Thinking about failed relationships is never a fun thing to do. When it didn’t work out between you and someone you cared for, reminiscing about the times when you were happy together could be painful. Despite the pain, what we normally want to do is contact the person to talk. But, is it ever a good idea to be texting your ex when you’re feeling emotional? Is it good to be contacting your ex at all?

Tell Yourself These Advises Before Texting Your Ex

Stop yourself right there. Whenever you’re feeling sensitive, it’s best to not act on it because, most of the time, what you’re feeling is just temporary. Whenever you decide to do something based on temporary feelings, you almost always regret it. Calm yourself down, first, and give yourself the following advises:

1. Remember what the main reason was for the breakup.

Before texting your ex, you might want to tell yourself to remember the main reason why you broke up. Was it because you weren’t a great match for each other? Or, was it because the relationship was toxic? Whatever the case is, it may be good to recall the breakup to remind yourself not to get involved with a negative person that you have already let go.

2. What is your goal?

Wanting to text your ex because you miss them is a natural feeling to have, but what do you want to happen after your ex reads the text message? If this person doesn’t respond in the way you want, you could cause further hurt to yourself which was unnecessary in the first place.

3. You’re important and deserving.

More often, we forget to tell ourselves that we are important, valuable, confident, and deserving. Tell yourself these before you decide to start texting your ex, because you need to remember your self-worth. Your past relationship may not have been good for you. You definitely wouldn’t want to go back to that place of negativity.

Hopefully, these three advises will change your mind. The main point is for you to really think about the bigger picture. You may miss the person, but would contacting him or her do you more harm than good? Think about it. If you need more tips about relationships, we have more posts for you to read on our blog.