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Would You Like To Date A Snow White?

All of our editions are special, but this weeks’ Irresistible Five will specially help all of those men who would like to date a Snow White.

Or, in more common and less romantic vocabulary, gorgeous girls who have that snow-whitey complexion, dark hair, blue eyes and rosy cheeks and lips. The only thing missing are the dwarves, but we won’t include them in this story. Fine, we won’t include other parts of the famous tale either, just Snow White’s look-alikes.

So here they are – Anastasia Date’s own Snow Whites, ahead of the real winter. So you come prepared.


Tatyana22 Snow White AnastasiaDate

Tatyana is a 22-year-old Ukranian girl who is serious when she need to be. She has goals in her life and likes to dream big and make those dreams come true. She likes sports and everybody considers her to be a sporty woman. She thinks a real woman can be both beautiful and smart, and keep her body in a good shape.


Violetta20 Snow White AnastasiaDate

Violetta is 20 years old and a very open person. She is emotional and can not hide her feelings. People say that the eyes are a mirror of a soul, and her feelings can always be read in her eyes. She says child lives in her, and you’ll always know how glad or sad she is.


Nataliya21 SnowWhite AnastasiaDate

Nataliya is 21 years old, but she says the age of a man does not matter. The most important for her is to see a strong and caring man by her side. She wants him to be caring, loving, understanding, she wants him to treat her with respect and to appreciate her views and habits.


Karina24 SnowWhite AnastasiaDate

Karina is 24 and she treats people the way she wants them to treat her. She is very active and that is very important to her. Also, she is very loyal and thinks every obstacle can be overcome through compromise and understanding, which are among the most important character traits for her.


Aleksandra27 SnowWhite AnastasiaDate

Aleksandra lives in Ukraine and would like to meet a man who is honest and would like to enter a relationship based on trust. She prefers a man who has goals in life and will not stray in the wrong direction. He must be accountable not only for himself but also for her. She is looking for a man with serious intentions who wants to find the lady who will make every day of his life unusual and amazing.

Is that you? If you think you’ve found your match here, click on her name and tell her you would like to date a Snow White, and that’s her.