Worst Dating Profiles Out There Will Teach You A Lesson (And Make You Laugh)

You know how when you make your dating profile you want to accentuate the best sides of your appearance by picking your best photograph and you also want to highlight your best personality traits. Well, these guys probably didn’t make a good job of it, resulting in some of the absolute worst dating profiles you’ll ever see.

Worst Dating Profiles Make The Best Lessons By Negative Example

Whether because they have chosen a (very) inappropriate profile pic or because they have revealed a little too much, these guys’ profile pics are a real lesson to anyone who has ever made/ thought of making a dating profile.

First of all, there is this guy. Someone has probably told him that it’s a good idea to seem sensitive and nice. So, not only did he use this pic of him and his octogenarian friends, but he also put in extra effort taking them up. So much so, it’s confusing. Is he looking for a partner for himself or his slightly over-the-hill friends?

The first in the worst dating profiles list.
When it’s not clear whether the profile is for you or your octogenarian friends.

Continuing the confusion is this guy who knows that the right thing to say is that he is a knight in shining armor who’s solely interested in a girl’s heart, not her body. Yet, he just can’t seem to be able to hide his true colors for too long. This is why he concludes “no fatties please”.

The second in the worst profiles pics list.
Is this what a modern-day knight in shining armor is like?

Then, there are some people who are painfully honest. Like this guy who loves to share his flatulence issues.

One of the worst dating profiles is a case of tmi.
TMI takes on a whole new meaning.

Or this guy who lets us into his personal beautification routine in anticipation of his action-packed (?) weekend.

One of the worst dating profiles contains too much detail about this guy's hygiene.
When you really don’t want to know how a guy preps for the weekend.

Then, there are people who may (or may not) exaggerate a little (or a lot) to draw women’s attention.

One of the worst dating profiles is all about provocation.
Is this guy too honest or too provocative?

In the same category of sharers. we also come across a guy who declares that he is “good at nothing” while wearing a Buzz Lightyear costume. Well, he is obviously good at one thing: making a fool of himself.

One of the worst dating profiles describing hoa a guy is good at nothing.
Quite an understatement.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are those who like to share practically nothing at all about themselves. A fan of conspiracy theories or a very clever guy? We’ll let his braid do the talking.

One more example of the worst dating profiles.
The perfect match if a lady is into conspiracy theories or braiding hair.

Another kind of guy is the one who doesn’t ask for much at all. All it takes is for a lady not to be a boy or a man. Cos that’s clearly where this fellow draws the line.

One of the worst dating profiles is not too specific.
Ruling out all the male population means this guy is specific about his likes and dislikes.

It’s kudos to the lady who’s patient and clever enough to decipher what this guy is saying. He has made dating hard right off the bat.

One of the worst dating profiles in terms of spelling.
This guy’s dating profile is like an IQ test.

And we are closing off this inspirational list of worst dating profiles with an open question. This guy is wondering if he is going to spend his entire life alone. We’ll let you answer this one.

The last of the worst dating profiles, a guy who's hidden under a towel.
When you share your biggest fear, but not much else.

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