When it comes to breaking up, people can come up with the funniest or worst excuses. These are some of the worst breakup reasons ever.

Worst Breakup Reasons You’ve Ever Heard Of (Hopefully)

People come together and other people break up every day, it’s how life works. Sometimes the breakups are serious, they happen over irreconcilable differences and big issues that seem unsolvable and cause too much hurt. Other times… Well, other times the breakup reasons can vary from being ridiculously funny to being outrageously offensive.

How Would You Feel If You Were Given One Of These Breakup Reasons?

Over-the-top as they may sound, the following excuses were actually offered to end a relationship. Read and decide for yourself if they are more funny than tragic.

#1 “I’m too afraid of my feelings and don’t want to get hurt when I lose you later on”. So, she decides to break up with the guy to stop herself from loving him and maybe potentially losing him? Guessing her next relationship will be with someone she hates, then.

#2 “If I see a guy I like I don’t want to have to cheat on you, so it’s best that we break up now”. Talk about commitment issues here. The underlying message is, of course, “I don’t like you enough”. Nicely put.

#3 “We don’t like the same kind of music, and you hate musicals. I don’t think we’re compatible enough to make this work”. Who can disagree with such strong arguments there, right?

#4 “You pay every time we go out and I think this is your way of trying to buy me off”. When the concept of a guy being a total gentleman doesn’t even cross a lady’s mind, but a James Bond scenario does.

#5 “My friends don’t like you, and I trust their opinion”. Fair enough. You can date your friends from now on, then.

#6 “You’re a nice guy, but you’re too poor and I feel I should be dating someone who can offer me more.” This is the opposite of excuse #4, where not having enough is also a bad thing. Girls, make up your mind.

#7 “I have to take care of my cats and my dog. I don’t think I have enough time to date right now”. In actual fact, you will miss those furry buddies more than you’ll miss her.

#8 “My ex-husband doesn’t approve of you, and he knows me so well.” There are so many things wrong with this reason, where does one even begin?

Here’s hoping not you nor anyone else out there will have to ever come to terms with these lame breakup reasons. They kind of make you miss the old classic “It’s not you, it’s me”, don’t they?

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