Women Absolutely Hate It When You Make These Social Media Mistakes

Women Hate It When You Make These Social Media Mistakes

We all have social media accounts that we can manage however we want. It’s ours so we have the choice to do with it as we please. But did you know that there are social media mistakes you do that make the women in your life go crazy?

Avoid These Social Media Mistakes

We all have the need to post anything and everything on our social media accounts, but we have to consider that we might be committing mistakes online that our girlfriend, female friends, or female family members may find annoying and distasteful. Make sure you avoid the following mistakes on social media:

Ignoring Her Online

How would a woman know that you’re ignoring her online? It’s simple. All she has to do is check your Facebook and Twitter feed. If you’re active in updating your status but aren’t replying to any of her messages, she’ll know that you’re blatantly ignoring her.

Selfies Overload

If you’re uploading a picture of yourself at all angles, you’re doing too much. Uploading one too many selfies can be less than attractive. One or two per week is ok, but, to ladies, posting five every day is just asking for the wrong kind of attention.

Too Much Information

Some guys are comfortable with sharing particular pieces of information about themselves online. If this is you, you have to understand that it irritates the females in your life because you’re making yourself vulnerable to online scams and identity thefts.

The general details, like your name, are OK but don’t go beyond this. For example, if you post your social security number that would be a NO-NO.

Dirty Laundry Status Updates

Airing out dirty laundry is at the top of the list of social media mistakes you can make. Yes, social media is there for you to express your thoughts and stay connected with people. But, if you post anything that should be private, you’re not following the proper etiquette in using social media.

Liking Other Girls’ Posts

Last, but not least, is liking other girls’ photos. This one’s annoying to your girlfriend, as you may already know. You have to avoid this at all costs because this could be one cause of friction in your relationship.

What you do on social media may not be a big deal to you, but if you care for the women in your life, you might have to change your online habits. For more relationship tips, check out more posts on our blog. Don’t forget to visit AnastasiaDate if you’re single and want to meet ladies from Eastern Europe.