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This Is How A Woman Can Tell That You Are A Cheap Date

If there’s one thing that you never want a beautiful woman to assume, it is that you are a cheap date. You may strive to hid your cheapskate ways, but a woman can always tell just by reading in between the lines.

A Cheap Date Always Shows Off Subtle Yet Recognizable Signs

Please know that there is nothing wrong with saving money. In fact, being frugal is an admirable trait to have in a man. However, when you take your frugalness to the next level, it becomes a bit ungentlemanly, especially if you’re going on a first date. So, how can women tell?

1. Always Coffee, Never Dinner

Coffee is great, but a woman will wonder why you may always be taking her to grab a cup of coffee instead of a meal. She’s going to think that you don’t want the dating to progress.

2. Splitting The Main Course

It’s romantic to share a dessert with the person you’re dating. However, it is unheard of to split the main course. This is definitely a tell-tale sign of a cheap date.

3. Automatically Assuming That The Bill Will Be Split

Going dutch can be done on dates where you already feel comfortable with the person you’re with. During the first few dates, however, the man has to pay especially if he did the asking out (which is the usual case).

4. He’s Always Asking For Discounts

Discounts are great, of course. We all love a good sale. But, when you are in a restaurant, deliberately complaining to get the waiter to give you a discount, you’re putting your date in an uncomfortable situation.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with trying to save a few bucks, but it can seem awkward when you are in the stages of first getting to know a person. Being a cheap date isn’t attractive at all.

Does this mean that women you’re dating are only after your finances? Not at all. It just means that ladies love to be treated as ladies. There’s nothing wrong with paying the bill on the first few dates. On the next ones, your date may offer to pay for herself. For more dating tips, make sure to read reviews and posts on the blog.