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Why Winter Is The Perfect Time To Date

Most people associate falling in love with hot summer days at the beach. However, there are many reasons why winter is the perfect time to date.

What Makes Winter Such A Perfect Time To Date?

Forget about fleeting summer romances. Winter is the best time of the year to come together and share unforgettable moments that will last a lifetime.

One reason is the weather. This may sound surprising, as many imagine that hot weather is the best for romance. In reality, cold weather brings us closer. Imagine being all sweaty and sticky – you barely want people coming close to you. However, in the winter we tend to come together in close quarters, be they cafes, bars, ski resorts. Wherever there’ s a fireplace and warmth. This creates a beautiful sense of proximity and a desire to hold each other near.

Another reason why winter is an ideal time to date is the alcohol consumption. We tend to drink a little more to keep warm when we are out in winter. We can also appreciate the taste of our drinks more because we are not actually drinking out of thirst, but for pure pleasure. It is common knowledge that a little bit of alcohol helps us loosen up and open our hearts more to others. Can there be better conditions for falling in love?

Even More Reasons To Date In Winter

Then, there’s the snow; otherwise known as one of the most beautiful wonders of nature. Who doesn’t love the beautiful sight of thick snow falling? Or the pure white blanket covering everything when it finally sets? Snow is one of the most romantic things nature can create. It makes us want to make a hot cup of chocolate, embrace our special someone and enjoy the view.

Probably the most important of all the reasons why the cold season is the perfect time to date is that we love sharing our house more than ever. With the bad weather making our time outside the house a less attractive option, it seems logical to invite our date over at our place. Whether it is to cuddle up under a blanket to watch a film or to share a warm breakfast in bed on a crisp winter morning, winter just gives us the best excuse to invite a date home. And it’s the best excuse for them to stay over.

So, why wait for the summer when winter has so much dating potential? Catch its last days. If you are single, you can find your other half here, or keep reading for more dating advice.