Real love is not about rehearsals and second takes.

Why Real Love Is Not Like In The Movies

Few things in life are as amusing as a good rom-com. The couple meets and it’s love at first sight, they overcome all hardship and end up happily in love living the dream. But fun as they are, we shouldn’t expect our lives to be as perfect as film scripts. This is why real love is never like in movies.

Art Imitates Life, But Real Love Is Not A Rom-Com

It may be true that the weirdest scenarios happen in real life, but our romance is hardly ever rom-com worthy. Here is why.

We are not half as perfect as rom-com protagonists.

In real life, we are not half as beautiful, successful or talented as the leading actors of romantic comedies. We are flawed; we work in boring office jobs, our friends aren’t half as fun or interesting as theirs and we hardly ever have a clue what we’re doing.

We don’t have the money to do what film protagonists do.

Romantic getaways to far-flung destinations and drinks every single night? Even in films where the leading actors are supposedly broke and jobless, they still get to live the good life, making us wonder what it is we are doing wrong with our lives.

Things get awkward a lot more frequently.

Crazy sex in the weirdest of places with no one noticing or caring, airport scenes where a desperate protagonist stops a plane from taking off at the last minute, weddings crashed by the bride’s lover and music to match any circumstance are just some of the far-out things happening in films that would go down completely differently if they happened IRL.

There are no rehearsals or second takes.

Most importantly, actors on films get second and third takes when things go wrong. In life, however, there are no rehearsals, no way for you to know what’s going to happen, and you hardly ever get the chance to fix the things gone wrong. You only get one shot at making a good first impression, one shot at wooing your object of desire and one chance of making your relationship work.

Luckily, our lives are far more unpredictable and unique than Hollywood films, which is why we should make the most of every single moment and vent all our energy into making ourselves and those we love happy with every chance.