These are the things crossing her mind on your first date.

What’s On Her Mind When She’s On A First Date With You

Women are mysterious creatures, we can all agree. And reading people’s minds is not easy, especially when you’re on a first date with someone who you don’t really know much about. There are, however, some thoughts that cross (almost) all women’s mind when they are out on a first date.

This Is What’s She’s Thinking On Your First Date

Even though you’re probably thinking you are the one with all the weird thoughts on your first date with her, it is more than probable that she is making some very strange – and quite scary – thoughts of her own. Here is some insight, so you can at least guess why she is looking a little lost too.

“Am I dressed appropriately? Is this dress too much for this place?”  The ever-present dress-code conundrum. Guys have it a little easier when it comes to dressing up or down for a place, luckily.

“Is my lipstick in place? Hope I don’t look like a clown with lipstick all over my face.” Even if the clothes are fine, there is always the possibility of a make-up malfunction. Don’t assume she’s a narcissist for looking in her tiny hand mirror every now and then, she’s probably just checking it’s all in place.

“I hope the lettuce in this salad doesn’t get stuck in my teeth.” Who orders lettuce on a first date, anyway? A bad idea (and a really legit worry) for both of you.

“He smells nice and is well-groomed. That’s one box ticked.” Don’t think for one moment she won’t be pleasantly surprised when you turn up with a freshly trimmed beard and the fab smell of your perfume. These things are dating 101.

“Am I boring him too much?” Even if the conversation is flowing, there’s a great chance she is still worried about being interesting enough. To be fair, you wouldn’t exactly yawn or otherwise show your boredom out of politeness anyway, so she can’t know.

“Will he make a move? Do I want him to make a move? What should I do if he makes a move?” Even if she knows she wants you to make a move, she will probably worry about how far she should go, not wanting to appear too ‘easy’.

“Good thing I’m wearing my sexy underwear.” Whatever her inner reply to the previous self-posed question may be, she will at some point thank her lucky stars she’s got her lace underwear on, as it will give her the confidence and freedom to decide where she wants things to go.

Hope this gave you some useful insight into a female brain on a first date. Of course, it is not right to overgeneralize, but some of these thoughts have been reported so many times that it’s quite safe to say they will, at some point, cross your date’s mind too.