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What Your Girlfriend’s Halloween Costume Says About Her

Halloween is right around the corner, and you know what that means, right? Trick or treat, candies, and wearing a Halloween costume! It’s a fun time of the year when both kids and adults get to dress up and eat lots of candy. But, the holiday isn’t just about dressing up for adults. Most grown ups choose a Halloween costume that shows a specific side of their personality.

Your Girlfriend’s Personality Based On Her Halloween Costume

That’s interesting. It’s like wearing clothes, actually. You wear clothes that represent who you are, so it’s really no different with costumes. Well, it’s a little different because it’s more exaggerated and animated. Your girlfriend might be picking out what her costume is for Halloween. Why don’t you ask her what she plans to be, and maybe you’ll learn something new about her personality.

The Sexy She Devil

She may look evil because of her Halloween costume, but she most certainly is not. Girlfriends who wear sexy devil outfits on Halloween want to show off their fierce side. They may be sassy, fearless, passionate (great lovers), risky and complicated. It could get complicated in the relationship, but the risk is worth it.

The Innocent Bunny

Everyone thinks that bunny rabbits are innocent, cuddly and sweet. They are, but when it’s your girlfriend dressing up as a bunny rabbit on Halloween, you may be in for a little trouble. Girlfriends who dress up as bunny rabbits may be hiding their wild side, especially in the bedroom. Female rabbits tend to show that they are dominant with sexy behavior, so maybe you should read between the lines.

The Fairy

The girlfriends who dress up as fairies may be craving a little bit of adventure in their lives. Fairies are creatures that are magical, mysterious and enchanting. Your girlfriend may be showing you this side of her. What you need to do is get creative with your dates because fairies do not like the drink-til’-you-drop type dates at bars. Traveling, looking for new places to explore, and new experiences to take in – that may be what they are craving.

The Princess

You might be in for a little drama when your girl is dressed up as a princess. She’s high-maintenance, she has high standards, and she always gets her way. You may not even be surprised because you already know that she is this way. Princesses, however, have another side to them which is putting others first and always doing the right thing.

So which Halloween costume did you girl choose this year? Leave your comments below and don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog more posts about love and dating.