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What You Say Vs What Women In Relationships Hear

Women in relationships have always wanted for the men they are with to know what they think instantly. Have you ever heard of women needing mind readers instead of dates or boyfriends? It’s merely a joke, but there is some truth to this.

Things That Women In Relationships Decode Differently

This post should help you with this problem. Because women expect you to be a mind reader, we will tell you exactly what you say VS what women in relationships hear.

1. Marriage, Babies, Buying A House

These are very specific keywords for women. When you mention any one of these keywords, the girl you’re with will automatically think that you are going to get married, have babies and buy a house with her. She’s going to think that you’re already planning a future with her even though you just mentioned the keywords to make conversation.

2. Staring At Other Women

Well, this one is more of an action you do. With all the women in relationships you’ve encountered or talked to, you probably already know that, for them, staring at another woman means that you have the intention of starting an affair with this woman. Yes, all it is, sometimes, is appreciating the female figure, but the woman you’re with doesn’t see it that way.

3. Being A Gentleman

Being a gentleman, opening doors for her, and pulling out her chair will make her think that you’re a nice guy who will treat her right. That’s not a bad thing at all, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a good guy who will not break her heart or hurt her in any way.

4. Believing Her When She Says She’s OK

It’s probably the oldest trick in the book – she’s telling you that she’s fine when she’s actually not. When she tells you that she’s OK, and you say fine, your lady will interpret it as you not caring about her. So, the next time she’s not herself, just comfort her and ask her about her day. Maybe you can buy her some food to cheer her up, that always helps.

There are so much more things within a relationship that women misinterpret. But, you shouldn’t worry, because the longer you’re together, the better you’ll get at interpreting what your lady really means. You just have to live with it and try the best you can. For more dating tips, check out other posts on the blog. Don’t forget to visit Anastasia Date to meet beautiful women from Eastern Europe.