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What Woman Wants: Do you Know How to be Romantic?

Whether you’re online dating or not, you can probably agree with this statement: a lot of men do not have time for romance anymore or they want to be romantic but they just don’t know how. Most relationships survive without romance, eventually, the man has to step up and do a few romantic gestures here and there. If your lady is still with you despite the fact that you put zero effort to make the relationship romantic, it’s one of the signs that she’s really into you. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to learn how to be romantic.

Give Woman What She Wants And Learn How To Be Romantic

What do women want? It goes without saying, a woman wants a bit of romance in a relationship. Without it, women feel like the relationship is not as passionate as before and that everything has gone from sweet and spicy to just plain bland. If you put yourself in a woman’s shoes, would you want to be with someone who doesn’t make an effort to make you feel special? Probably not.

Don’t worry if you’re still at a loss about what a woman wants in a romantic relationship because we have a few suggestions:

You cannot give what you do not have or know, so ask.

Do you know that passionate feeling you get at the beginning of every relationship? It can fade away quickly if the couple doesn’t take the time to fan the flame. Doing romantic activities is one way of fanning the flame of passion. Most people don’t know what to do to make a date romantic. The best way to know is to ask the person you’re with. Ask what your woman wants to do on dates and then follow through.

Designate just one day per week for romance.

You don’t have to be romantic 24/7. If you have work or a business to take care of, it is impossible for you to be romantic every minute of the day. All that’s needed is just one designated day of the week. Pick one day where it’s going to be just you and your lady – no interruptions. Refer to the first entry if you do not know what to do.

Be consistent.

Romantic activities always harbor good feelings within a person, which is what a woman wants in every romantic relationship. Studies say that when a couple shares positive moments together, the stronger their relationship becomes. Make romance something that’s consistent in your relationship so the relationship has a better chance of lasting longer.

What a woman really wants is a little bit of effort, it’s as simple as that. Feel free to share these tips now that you know what a woman wants. We have more dating and relationship tips for you! Make sure to visit our blog after sharing this with your friends.