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What To Do When Your Girl Keeps Posting Racy Photos On Social Media

The social media are a truly amazing thing. They came and changed our lives, including the dating and relationship game; so much so that we can hardly imagine our lives without them anymore. With all the benefits they brought, though, some new issues have arisen too. One of them is dealing with your girl posting racy photos online, an issue many guys are faced with today.

Dealing With Your Girl’s Racy Photos Posting

You may feel proud of your girl’s beauty and sex appeal, but that does not mean you want the rest of the world to be looking at her fine assets with every photo she posts on Instagram. You are an open-minded guy, but there are limits too. How do you deal?

The What

The first thing to do is make sure you have ground for complaint. Is it just one pic she posted in her bikini, or is it 100 selfies with her boobs in the forefront or her behind oh-so-subtly showing? Unless you are 100% sure that she’s overdoing it, you shouldn’t say a word. But if she’s gone overboard with these hot pics, you are entitled to feel upset.

The Why

Secondly, you need to understand what it is that’s bothering you. Is it the fact she’s sharing what you feel should be reserved for your eyes only with the entire world? Is it that you’re hurt she seems to need validation from strangers? Could it be you are jealous and worried she’s fishing for new suitors?

The When

The third thing to do is to find the right time and to confront her in an honest yet gentlemanly way. The next time she posts an inappropriate pic, tell her that you need to have an open and private heart-to-heart.

The How

Ask her if she feels neglected by you and craving the attention of others because of it. Don’t be offensive, be frank. You may, indeed, be at fault. Ask her how she would feel if you kept posting half-naked photographs of yourself and getting comments from girls. Explain that you may be proud of dating a beauty like her, but you would rather keep some things to yourselves.

If she’s too young and never been in a serious relationship before, let her know that this is not an acceptable behavior when people are dating exclusively.

The Plan B

If she carries on after you have the chat, there is one last thing to do to handle the situation even more drastically: give her a taste of her own medicine. Put her in your place by commenting on other girls’ racy photos in the social media and even post a couple of shirtless pics of yourself if you feel confident enough. If that doesn’t make her see things from your point of you, nothing will.