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What To Do When She’s Playing Hard To Get

Let’s talk about those hard to get women. Think about how many times you’ve approached a woman who seems like she is not interested in you, but still keeps you on your toes. Now, how many times out of those have you gotten a yes for a date?

How To Talk To Women Who Always Play Hard To Get

If you have no clue what your answer is, it means that you need to improve the way you are approaching the women. What you need to remember is that women like to be chased. You need to apply a certain finesse to get a woman to say yes to a dinner or a cup of coffee. Take note of the following tips that can help you approach women better:

Dress Nicely

Dressing nicely doesn’t mean that you have to wear an Armani suit. You just need to look good and feel comfortable in whatever you’re wearing. You could be wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but please take note that wearing sweatpants is not considered “dressing nicely”.

Be A Confident Version Of Yourself

Be a more confident version of yourself. Women like a man who can take charge! The woman you want to approach might be playing hard to get to weed out men who are too shy and unconfident.

TIP: Women respond to a man who has swag. You get it from the clothes you wear and your confidence. It’s a word that can’t be explained exactly, but it has a similar meaning with style, especially in this case. Improve your confidence and try Googling “casual street style for men” to give you an idea of what looks good.

No Using Pickup Lines With Hard To Get Women

Whatever lines you’ve learned, drop them. Stop using pickup lines that have never worked before. Be creative, or better yet, just introduce yourself and ask her to go out for coffee.

TIP: Why not ask her out for dinner? The main reason is because she might not be ready for that yet. Having coffee is more casual and comfortable. It works best for getting to know each other before going on a more official date.

Other Tips To Remember

Except for the tips mentioned above, here are other tips that you need to remember with women who play hard to get:

  • If she’s not making eye contact, it most likely means that she’s not interested.
  • Take a closer look at her body language as she is talking to you. If she’s leaning in towards you or playing with her hair, her body is saying yes even though she’s telling you maybe. Go for it!
  • It could all be in your head! Women may not be playing hard to get at all.
  • If she rejects you, it’s no big deal.

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