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What To Do If She Broke Your Heart But Now Wants You Back

We have all had our hearts broken, at one point in our life, by someone we really care or cared about. We usually move on to find a new love that might be a better version of what we had before, but there are instances where the people who broke our hearts want us back. It’s a real dilemma. How do you handle a situation where the one who hurt you so badly wants you back?

She Wants You Back. Now, What Do You Do?

If your ex-girlfriend is suddenly contacting you, saying that she made a mistake in letting you go, what do you say? Well, it’s obvious that if you have moved on, you should tell her honestly.

Don’t lead her on, and most importantly, do not leave her hanging if you have already resolved your past feelings. But, if you’re having second thoughts, it’s likely that you’re still in love, or you still have feelings for your ex. Actually, the fact that you’re reading this now means that you’re considering the idea of getting back together.

So, she wants you back – if you’ve decided, you would have said no flat out. Since you’re here, the following tips should help you think about what to do:

Recall Why She Broke Up With You

Think long and hard about the reason why she broke up with you. She knew that it would hurt you, but everything is circumstantial. The relationship might not have been healthy, and that’s what you need to consider, first.

If she broke up with you before because of her own reasons, you have to think whether she has changed her mind about you or is only getting you back because she misses your presence in her life. If the relationship was toxic, how can you be sure that it’s not going to be toxic once you get back together?

What’s Your End Game?

They say love is sweeter the second time around but is it really true? Do you want to find out for yourself? It helps if you know what your end game is. Like, what do you plan to achieve by getting back together?

These tips are very short, but they’ll give you enough reason to think about what your decision is. She wants you back now, but she should have realized how amazing you were before, if that, indeed, is the case. The decision now rests upon you. For more relationship tips, we have more posts on the blog.