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What is a Pro Dater?

In dating Eastern European women, one would undoubtedly encounter a scam of some sort, one way or the other. Some scams are illegal by law and can be persecuted in court, though there are some, like pro dating, executed by a pro dater, that are more of judgement calls.

What is pro dating and what is a pro dater?

In a nutshell, a pro dater is someone who would “date” you for your wallet. In the west, these are the gold diggers who only stay while you have money and inevitably disappear once the money starts dwindling. Now, as mentioned, these women are pros, and they can be hard to identify.

Here are a few points discussing who and what pro-daters are, how to spot and identify them and how to protect yourself:

The best avenue for western men to meet Eastern European women is through legitimate dating sites. Now there are some dating sites that are shady all by themselves, and there are those sites that have built their reputation over the years and have become trusted brands. The thing is, with pro-daters, they can be found even on the most trusted dating sites as these women are real women acting either on their own or sometimes with a couple of accomplices.

Red Flags and How to Deal with Them

These women would normally gain your trust by being like any other lady on the dating site who is truly looking to settle down and eventually get married.

The First Red Flag

The first red flag would be that these women are not interested in getting married. They would be very vague with their plans with you and will seem disinterested when you try to delve deeper into their personality.

The Second Red Flag

Second red flag comes with the meeting in person. While planning out the trip to her home country where you two will supposedly meet the first time, you will notice how she will subtly try to force you into getting certain apartments, taxis or what have you. The possibility is that these services are her accomplices where they will try to get as much money as they can from you.

If you suspect your girl to be a pro dater, the first thing to try is to refuse these services. Tell her that you will prefer to arrange everything for yourself like booking your hotel and hiring a translator. This way, you’d be cutting off her accomplices and her from siphoning your money.

The Third Red Flag

The third red flag to watch out for is how she tries to make you spend on her. An honest woman, anywhere in the world, would never take money from you unless she is already planning a future with you.  Even in the west, the acceptable custom is to return the ring if she suddenly changes her mind with marrying you.

A pro dater will most definitely ask you to take her shopping even in the first meeting and would unusually have very expensive taste. Remember, if a woman is truly into you, the size of your wallet and bank account should not matter. Try to resist taking her on shopping sprees 80% of the time and see how she takes it.

Keep these three red flags in mind when trying to find a match in dating sites. Remember, these women are wolves in sheep’s clothing so you will have to use your judgement to ensure that you don’t fall prey.