Anastasia Date | How Dating Goes in Other Parts of the World

What Dating Looks Like Around The World

Different countries have different dating dynamics. In Western culture, for example, dating is very prominent. Although unwritten, most people in Western society are familiar with different dating rules like, call or text three days after a date so you don’t seem eager and desperate. There are no dating rules similar to this in other countries. In fact, in Asia, it is the opposite. The sooner you call or text after a date, the better because it’s one way to show that you are interested in a person. Not doing so, let’s say, the day after, means that you no longer want to see the person.

There are also countries with unique dating practices that may seem strange to the rest of us. In Russia for example, you always have to pay attention to the number of flowers you give to a Russian lady. A bouquet with an even number of flowers is bad, odd is good. Russian people usually give a bouquet with an even number of flowers to those who have passed away.

Dating Differences Around the World

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