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They Are Wearing Black Dresses, Ready For Trick Or Treat

Are you ready for trick or treat this year? The Anastasia Date ladies on our list seem to be all prepped up even though Halloween is a few days off. It never hurts to be prepared. They’re already donning on sultry black dresses to add a bit of mystery and Gothic feel to their looks.

Could Their Black Dresses Be The Key To Their Charms?

It’s the time of the year to be extra superstitious. What magic could their black dresses possess? If black happens to be your favorite color, it’s going to be hard for you to keep your eyes off of these ladies. Remember that you can get to know a lady more by clicking on her name and visiting her profile:


Dana 26 - Anastasia Date Lady

Dana is very creative. She describes herself as a woman who has the soul of a painter. However, she doesn’t paint that often. What she does most of the time is create costumes for adults and kids. She’s planning to make a business out of this hobby of hers.


Valeriya 25 - Anastasia Date Lady

Valeriya is into merchandising and costume design. What she has on in the picture is one of her creations. She was inspired by the era of the Great Gatsby, creating a tasseled dress that sways whenever she does. She’s looking to meet someone with intelligence and the same level of creativity as her. This is so she and her future man can share a lot of interests together.


Eugenia 28 - Anastasia Date Lady

If there’s one trait that Eugenia loves in a man, it’s is good manners. She says that good manners can indicate a lot of positive qualities. For example, a man can seem very well-educated when he has good manners, according to her. It seems like she’s looking for a real gentleman.


Ekaterina 21 - Anastasia Date Lady

Ekaterina is an economist. She says that she was destined to be one because she liked to study business and management ever since she was younger. When she’s not crunching numbers, she is singing. It’s not just a hobby of hers because she has been professionally trained ever since she was young.


Anna 26 - Anastasia Date Lady

Anna has been dreaming about her prince charming since she was young. She tells us that it may be because of all the fairy tales she was told. To this day, she still believes that her knight in shining armor will surprise her and sweep her off her feet.

Who or what will you be dressing as this Halloween? It’s probably a good idea to find an ensemble that complements these ladies’ black dresses, just in case you contact each other and do a video call. Do share this post and don’t forget to visit our blog to check out more lists.