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Ways To Keep Your Online Date Interested

More and more people try online dating every day. In fact, the number of individuals who are online dating, according to PewResearch, is increasing every year. Those are good statistics! This means more people for you to meet, but it also means that there could be more competition for getting your online date.

How To Get Your Online Date’s Full Attention

We’re going to talk about how to keep your online date interested today! We can’t all have an exciting a life as James Bond so with the numbers rising, a lot of you may be tempted to tell a white lie about how interesting your life is to get the full attention of your online date. You don’t want her to talk to other online daters, but lying is not the way to go. You can try these instead:

Talk About Your Dreams

You may not be James Bond, but you can be a man with a potential. Instead of focusing on what you have not achieved in your life, talk about the dreams that you’re aiming to fulfill. How big your dreams are, and how hard you’re working towards those dreams will let your online date know how much potential you have.

Exciting Plans With Your Online Date

An excellent way to catch her full attention is to talk about all the fun things that you’re going to do once you finally meet. Talking about this future event will give your online date something to look forward to.

Put In The Effort

If there’s one thing a woman can appreciate, it is the amount of effort a man shows to impress her, make her comfortable, make her feel safe, etc. The way you execute this will depend on your current situation. But of course, the basics still apply – go online on time, call her now and then and maybe send a few surprise gifts from time to time.

Be Sincere And Honest

Why don’t you just tell her how important she is to you? If she feels the same way, you’ll definitely have all of her attention. If she doesn’t, respect her choice, but still let her know that you’re not giving up on making her yours.

The last item on the list doesn’t sound very reassuring, but that’s just how life is. You cannot force anyone to like you, but you sure can try. If your online date sees that you’re really trying, she’ll most likely give you her full attention, and maybe her heart. For more online dating tips, check out more of our posts on our blog.