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Ways to Impress a Polish Lady

You have your eyes set on a certain Polish girl, now all you have to do is to impress her. Western dating differs in ways to Polish dating, and to be expected, western ladies are impressed differently than Polish ladies. Here is a short list of tips on how to impress a Polish lady.

Tips to impress your Polish Lady

Tip no. 1: Be the perfect gentleman (as much as you can)

Polish ladies are raised in a society where chivalry is very much alive and thriving. Meaning, these ladies are used to having doors opened for them, being escorted and seated in restaurants. In order for you to impress your beautiful Polish wife-to-be, you will need to be a gentleman at the very least. Remember how prince charming acts as he woos his princess? That will be a good place to start. It will also help to read a little on Polish etiquette so that you will be aware that a kiss on both cheeks is a normal greeting but never done to a lady on the first meeting. These little things will not go unnoticed and will definitely leave a good first impression on your Polish date. (Special tip: on the first meeting, if you can, try to pull off the kiss on the hand, this should score you extra points)

Tip no. 2: Flowers. Always bring flowers.

Polish ladies are akin to blushing princesses who love flowers. To continue to impress your Polish lady, do not forget to give her flowers, especially on the first date or even on the first meeting.  Make sure you choose a lovely bouquet and try to ask the florist if certain flowers mean certain things. A little bit of effort in knowing these little bits of information should only gain you more points in impressing your Polish lady friend.

Tip no. 3: Offer to carry her bag, or anything she might be holding.

Men in Poland typically offer assistance when it comes to carrying heavy bags or parcels for women. They do this even without romantic interest, as they are simply brought up this way. Thus, it is expected that you offer assistance to carry her belongings to make sure she is as comfortable as she can be on your date. Let’s say the only parcel she has are the flowers you gave her, offer to carry them for her. Remember, in order to impress your Polish lady, you have to act like a gentleman as men are raised to be such there, and you have to go beyond. Though do not try to oversell, just act as naturally as you can while abiding to the gentlemanly code.

Tip no. 4: Treat her like a lady throughout the date.

How do you treat a lady? You offer to take her coat in the restaurant and seat her before you seat yourself. You pour her wine first, then yours. You politely ask her for her preference for dinner then place her order first, then yours. In short, ladies first. While you wait for dinner, ask her about herself, her hobbies and what she likes to do. Make sure you listen to her and be sincere. Share bits about yourself as well, but keep the conversation light. Veer away from emotion heavy talks especially on the first date. This will show that you are interested in her and that you yourself are an interesting fellow yourself. Of course, at the end of the meal, you will be expected to pick up the bill. And as you walk her to her door, be her knight and be protective of her.

Do you see any patterns?

The most obvious similarity with these 4 tips to impress a Polish lady is that you have to show how much of a gentleman you are. See if these 4 tips work for you and come back and leave a comment below, we would love to hear from you. Check back in again for more European dating tips!