New study suggests that our genes know when we have found the one.

Want To Know If You’ve Found THE ONE? Your Body Has The Answer

You know that strangely euphoric feeling taking over you when you meet someone and you feel an instant attraction to her? Your heart races, you feel your blood flow faster, your stomach has the so-called butterflies. Every fiber of your body tells you to get closer to that woman because she is The One.

We Don’t Get To Choose The One For Us – Our Genes Do

How do you know if a person’s right for you, though? It’s not how compatible you are. It’s not her velvet voice, her good looks, or even your shared interests.  According to recent research findings published in Nature journal, there is just one thing you should trust: your genes.

What Is The Human Leukocyte Antigens Complex?

Very simply put, the Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLA) complex is a group of proteins that helps our body’s immune system distinguish our own proteins from those made by foreign invaders, like viruses and bacteria, so as to protect us.

How Does The HLA Affect Our Preferences?

A 1995 study showed that HLA similarity actually affects human body odor preference, meaning that the women who participated in the study demonstrated a clear preference for certain men based on their natural smell. It turns out that these men had opposite HLA complexes to theirs.

A more recent research, conducted on a sample of 245 young couples, studied their attraction patterns and came to the conclusion that those who had different HLA complexes felt stronger physical attraction and experienced a stronger desire to procreate than those who had similar ones.

Animal Attraction

The same is true of animals. It has been proven that animals also tend to pick mates with different MHC (their equivalent to our HLA) complex, as it means that they produce healthier young with stronger immune systems.

It should not come as a surprise, then, that we are instantly drawn to some people more than we are to others, sometimes for no obvious reason even. It’s just our body’s way of telling us that we have found The One.

The new scientific findings might mean that we should no longer be talking about “love at first sight”, but rather “love at first sniff”, then.

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