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This Is The Unexpected Secret Ingredient For Better Relationships

Your parents have always told you not to watch too much TV, or else you’ll end up with a ruined eyesight. Well, that might be true. TV could be bad for our eyes, but what our parents did not tell us is that watching a lot of TV (or Netflix, in today’s era) could lead to better relationships.

Could Better Relationships Really Emerge From Hours Of Watching Netflix?

A research, published in the Sage Journals, seems to suggest that watching TV or Netflix is a great way to bond with your partner. The researched involved 200 couples who were in a committed relationship.

Researchers asked the couple only two questions:

  • How satisfied they were with their partner.
  • How often they exposed themselves to media (music, movie, social media) together.

The results of the research showed that couples who spend more time experiencing any form of media together are more satisfied with their relationship. And, it’s not just media too. The research suggests that any form of entertainment shared together by a couple can improve the relationship significantly.

How TV Can Result To Better Relationships

The result is surprising, to say the least, because how can two people watching TV shows for hours without talking to each other feel more connected? The improvement of the relationship will, actually, comes after watching the Netflix series. As soon as you turn to your partner and ask him or her, “So, what do you think?” you’re strengthening your relationship because you are connecting. Whether your opinions are the same or different, you still make that connection because you are communicating something that you are both interested in.

Movie Dates Are A Good Idea

So the next time you’re planning your date, why not go to the movies? All you have to do is make sure that the movie you’re interested in watching is of interest to your partner as well. After, talk about what you thought of the movie.

Who would’ve thought that Netflix, TV, or movies would result to better relationships? Test this theory out and see if does any good to your love life. For more dating and relationship tips, check out the rest of our posts from our blog.