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Understanding Why You Didn’t Get A Second Date

You didn’t get the second date? Bummer! Don’t worry though because everyone goes through failed first dates. The hardest thing about this whole situation is you’ll have a terrible time figuring out what went wrong. Was it something you said? Was it something you wore? Was it the way you were eating your food?

Reasons Why The Second Date Didn’t Happen

Let’s just be honest in saying that it really could have been you, but you also have to consider other possibilities. It could have been something else too! To put your mind to rest, here are possible reasons why the second date didn’t happen:

The Chemistry Was Off

When talking about chemistry, it’s neither yours or your date’s fault. The both of you just didn’t “mix” well together. Think of it as different pieces of a puzzle. Some fit perfectly while others don’t. You can tell too if you don’t have good chemistry with a person because no matter how hard you force it, the second date is never going to happen.

Interview Rather Than A Conversation

It’s great to ask your date a few questions, but what’s not appealing is you asking follow up questions as if your date was in a job interview. That’s not a conversation at all. You may get answers from your date, but you’re not giving him or her a chance to ask questions about you.

Time Frame

Have you ever heard the expression “you’ve overstayed your welcome”? Well, there’s something similar when dating. In other words, you can overdate your date. How come the date lasted too long? This sounds like a good thing, but believe us when we say that it is not. You have to make your date want more. Next time, make sure to seal in that second date by timing the first one correctly.

The Ex Topic

One big no-no, while you’re on a date, is to talk about the people you’ve been with. Talking about your ex is not flattering in any way. It is distasteful and should be a mortal sin of dating.

You Did Not Engage

Engage here doesn’t mean popping the question. It means to become involved. You didn’t maintain eye contact, you were checking your phone most of the time, and you were doing things other than talking to your date.

Chemistry is not something that you have control over, but the rest you can do something about. Make sure you avoid doing things listed from #2 to #5. Practice makes perfect, so the next time you go on dates, make sure to involve yourself – listen, make eye contact, allow the person to talk and ask a question, and have a good time! For more helpful dating tips, don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog.