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The (Underappreciated) Benefits Of Flirting No One Talks About

It is no exaggeration to say that flirting is to living things as natural and necessary as water and sleep. Just think of a male peacock’s show of his colorful feathers, or the mating dance of certain animals, like flamingos, who try to attract the attention of the opposite sex. And as with all things nature made, there is a good reason for its existence. So, what are the benefits of flirting?

Ever Thought Of These Benefits Of Flirting?

Sometimes we, humans, tend to overanalyze things and lend them meanings and hues they don’t even deserve. Flirting, for example, has been grossly misunderstood by many as a mere attempt to take someone to bed, not the fun and harmless game it should be.

In reality, flirting has many benefits for both the person making the move and the one who is being hit on.

Why Flirting Is Good For The Person Who Initiates It

The person who initiates flirting, on the one hand, gets to feel his adrenaline levels rise as he makes his move. What an invigorating feeling it is when you try to figure out a way to approach a stranger in a way that will catch their attention and make them see you in a favorable light.

Then, you have to use your brain to find the right things to say, or the right message to write if we’re talking about online flirting. With every response you receive, the game might get more enjoyable, or harder, but it remains fun and light. A good flirt knows that it’s not the end result that really counts (though it wouldn’t harm to score a date or two), but the process that is fun and rewarding in itself.

How The Person Who Was Approached Benefits

On the other hand, the person on the receiving end of flirting gets a massive ego boost, as the realization that someone out there appreciates something about her is flattering and fulfilling, even if she is not physically or otherwise attracted to him (unless, of course, his flirting is inappropriate and insulting, in which case the flirting ends abruptly and justifiably).

This is why ladies who know how to flirt will never be rude or curt to a guy making a move, as they know to appreciate the honesty and courage it takes for him to make his move in the first place. They can continue the game for the pure fun of it and reap the benefits of flirting, despite maybe knowing that they don’t want to end up with the guy.

In brief, flirting is one of the most natural and beautiful things we can do to make ourselves and others feel attractive and desirable. Overanalyzing it and trying to make it into a sinister act is such a shame as we end up missing all the fun of it.

*This article was inspired by this School Of Life video.