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Myths and Truths about Russian Women

It’s something that’s very common in our society. Some of us are even guilty of it ourselves. The funny thing, though, is sometimes the stereotypes that we formulate or that we heard are actually true. Not all of it of course but some are surprisingly factual information. Let’s take Russian women as an example. They are beautiful, sexy and independent but they have a lot of stereotypes surrounding them. This has happened because they have been the main subject of men’s desires in the online dating world for a while now. AnastasiaDate will discuss some of the myths and truths about Russian Women.

Myths and Truths about Russian women

  • Truth: Russian women are beautiful;
  • Myth: Russian women are suspiciously beautiful (too beautiful).

Most Russian ladies are very attractive. In fact, they have been voted to be one of the most beautiful ladies in the world. You may be seeing that your online dating website has a lot of very beautiful Russian females. Don’t worry. They’re not models (well some of them work as models for magazines) but they’re on the online dating website for the same reason as you – to find someone who can sweep them off their feet. They’re just really good-looking and you’re probably just intimidated.

  • Truth: Russian women want to be housewives;
  • Myth: Russian women are not driven. No career ambition.

Not all women are similar of course. Generally, if the Russian woman you’re chatting with came from a traditional familial background, she’ll want to lead a simple life with her family. If she has had good education and has a challenging career then it may be the opposite for this lady.

  • Truth: Russian women are fond of Westerners;
  • Myth: Russian women only want to escape their life that they have in their country.

There are a lot of angles to this one but it all boils down to preference. Let’s take you for example, just because you’d like a Russian wife doesn’t mean that you’d like to escape the life that you have where you’re from. Maybe ladies from Russia find Westerners to be more affectionate and caring compared to Russian men? Or maybe they would like to adapt a culture that’s different from the one that they grew up with?

  • Truth: Russian women are more attracted to you;
  • Myth: Russian women are more attracted to your money.

Beware of Scams

Because of the popularity of dating Eastern European women, scams have emerged. We have to admit that there are women who only want your money but there are genuine ones who truly want to find the love of their life through online dating. The key is to stay alert for the red flags, and it should be a lot easier now that you know the truths about Russian women.

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