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Tips That Will Help You Get What You Want In Love

We don’t always get what we want in life. The best example of this is balancing your career and love life. Most people think that if you are successful in your profession, it’s likely that your love life may not be doing so well. When you turn the tables around, you may be lucky in love, but you’re having a hard time climbing the career ladder. Is there any way to help you get what you want?

How To Get What You Want In Love

Focusing on just love, most experts say that it all boils down to knowing what to say, how to say it, and when to say it. It’s basically the art of negotiation. You go to your partner or date, you lay your cards on the table, and you wait for them to respond to your favor. Here are some tips on how you can achieve this:

1. Confident Mindset

To get what you want in love, you have to internalize your goal and feel like you can achieve it without a lot of effort. Having this mindset will boost your confidence. When you’re confident even before you make any negotiations, it’s likely that you will be the victor.

2. Know When To Walk Away

Since you already have your confident mindset, you have to identify if opportunities, or dates, more specifically, are worth your time. You have to know when to walk out. You must have the strength and insight within yourself to identify if someone is good or no good for you.

3. A Mini Mind Game Won’t Hurt

One expert suggests that a mini mind game is appropriate to get what you want. This expert explains a technique called “anchoring”. It is defined as “the use of irrelevant information as a reference for evaluating or estimating some unknown value or information.”

For example, you want your partner to go on a trip with you for your anniversary. You could say: “Hey hun, do you think it would be doable to go to Europe this year?” Your partner will likely say no. You can follow it up by saying, “You’re right, let’s go somewhere nearer instead.”

Because the second option sounds easier or better, your partner will likely go with that. It’s like in sales where you offer a product for $60, but then offer a discount of $10 when they buy the product within 10 hours.

To be honest, this is going to be a skill that you need to learn if you desire to get what you want in love. The more of these tips you practice, the better you will be at doing them. Try them out and see what happens. For more dating and relationship tips, check out our blog.