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Three People We Fall In Love With In Our Lifetime

How many times have you fallen in love in your life? Well, it’s been said that we fall in love only three times in our lifetime.  Can you believe it? As unpredictable as love can be, not a lot of people will find that we only truly fall in love three times in one lifetime.

Do We Really Fall In Love Only Three Times In One Lifetime?

Let’s see if you can agree after reading the entire article. They say that each time we fall in love, it is for a specific reason and with a specific type of person.

1. Prince or Princess Charming

The first person we fall in love with is Prince or Princess Charming. This person is good-looking, perfect and worships the ground we walk on, according to the stories we’ve read or heard.

This kind of love tends to happen when we are really young. We don’t know much about the world yet, so we only have fairytales to base our perspective of love. To put it shortly, this kind of love is idealistic. This kind of love with this kind of person never really works out because the person we fall for won’t turn out to be the person we thought.

2. The Heartbreaker

The heartbreaker is the second person we fall in love with, and, as you might have guessed, this kind of person is the first to cause us a heartbreak. That sounds really bad, but you have to admit that every painful moment we’ve had turned into a lasting lesson.

The second person we love may break our hearts into a thousand pieces, but it is this same person that will teach us the most valuable lessons we will ever learn. We’ve always thought that the heartbreaker would be the one, but this person is called the heartbreaker for a reason.

3. Mr. Or Ms. Unexpected

Mr. or Ms. Unexpected is just what their name suggests. They appear out of nowhere, and they are the type of person that contradicts everything that we thought we wanted in a partner. This kind of a guy or a girl is definitely a pleasant surprise, and it is likely for us to end up with this kind of person forever.

So now, what do you think of the theory that says we only fall in love three times in one lifetime? Leave your comments below and let’s get a discussion going. Also, don’t forget to check out Anastasia Date if you’re looking your very own Ms. Unexpected.