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Three Dating Basics We Always Seem To Forget

Whenever we want to learn something, we always start with the basics. For example, if we want to know how to build a website, we need to, first, learn about the concepts and principles that make up website building. But, let’s talk about something we all thought we don’t need lessons on – the dating basics.

We Should Always Remember These Dating Basics

Most of us believe that meeting people is something innate and instinctive. We don’t need to learn it because mating is something we already know everything about from the beginning of time. But, here’s what’s interesting. The mating (better known today as the dating) game has changed. The old rule of clunking a woman on the head no longer applies.

To those of us who have tried online dating before, we also know that it’s not as simple as boy-meets-girl anymore either. The process has become a tad more complicated, but there are the basics of dating that remain constant. It’s a shame that we always seem to forget these three fundamentals:

1. Avoid Being Passive

The first of three basics of dating is to prevent being passive. Usually, we look at dating as though it is the other version of serendipity – it just happens. Love happening by fate is possible, sure, but in today’s dating scene, you have to be more proactive if you want to go on dates.

Also, some of us feel the need just to let their dating profiles sit there and not send a message to anyone on the online dating site. Dating profiles are not like passive investments where you don’t have to do anything.

2. Persist, If That’s Needed

Today’s dating dynamics involve one too many rejections. So, that’s why the second primary dating principle is all about persistence. You have to carry on in the face of rejection. If you do get rejected, just remember that there is a lesson to be learned in that experience. It’ll give you a sharper intuition when you will be dealing with your next potential date. Be careful, though, as you do not want to appear a stalker. Be persistent, if that’s what’s needed.

3. Try New Things, Meet New People

This last of the three dating basics tells you that you have to part ways with your single-mindedness. If you want to be successful in dating, you have to be adventurous – meet people you wouldn’t normally go for, meet people who are not your ideal type and do things that you wouldn’t usually do. Of course, you’d have to think about your safety at all times, especially when you’re dating online. But, the more spontaneous and adventurous you are, the more people will find you interesting.

As you are dating, never forget the basics that you’ve just read here. You need to be proactive, you need to be persistent (but not stalker-like), and you need to be adventurous. Do you think there are more dating basics we need to add on this list? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to check out other posts from the blog.