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Things to Remember When Dating a Serbian Woman

Hospitality is a word that comes to mind when we think of Serbia. A country where people openly welcome you to their homes with the warmth only associated with family for most western cultures. It is a tight knit community where certain customs perceived as normal here can be a bit overwhelming for outsiders. Here are a few pointers for anyone who wishes to go into dating a Serbian woman.

Get To Know Your Serbian Woman

Meet and Greet

Similar to western culture, handshakes are the way to go when greeting someone you meet for the first time. When your lady friend is introduced to you for the first time, or she approaches you while you are seated, it will be best to rise to greet her. This is a gentlemanly practice that seems to be fading out slowly but you would do well to revive the practice. This makes you exude an air of a gentleman as well as chivalry. Whilst you talk, try as much as you can to maintain eye contact. Wandering eyes in a conversation can be perceived as rude and you wouldn’t want your date to feel unwanted.

Hospitality at Home

When dating a Serbian woman, there will come a time where you will be invited to her home to meet her family. Since Serbians are generally very hospitable, you can expect to be offered food and beverages. Among the offerings given will be a liquor called Rakija which often comes strong and can vary per home as it can be home made. If you are generally not a heavy drinker, it would be advisable to pass up the Rakija, just politely decline. Of course, to return the hospitality given, be ready with a gift for your host family. A western liquor like whiskey or brandy for the man of the house and a nice perfume, soap or a bouquet for the hostess. Chocolates are also welcome gifts.

Family Relationships

The hospitality that Serbia extends stems from tight knit family relationships. This means that family is a very important part of Serbian daily existence and should be treated with the respect they themselves exhibit. If you want to make a good impression on your Serbian lady friend, you should make an effort to win the family’s favor at the very least. She will appreciate the effort you extend to being on her family’s good side as well as cement the idea that you are serious with the relationship you are pursuing with her.


Everyone in the world appreciates respect for their culture. Each nation is created unique and special. Her culture is something she is proud of and you, being a man dating a Serbian woman, should respect. With the respect you show her culture should also be the effort to learn a little bit of the Serbian way.  This should impress her and her family too. A little bit of reading and research would not only improve your chances in acting appropriately in public, this should also tell her that you are willing to be part of her world.