These Platinum Blondes Will Blind You With Their Beauty

Do blondes really have more fun? You can ask these amazing platinum blondes who never go unnoticed with their gorgeous golden locks.

Meet Today’s Astonishing Platinum Blondes

Captivating and impressive, today’s Irresistible Five list is a sight for sore eyes. Be warned: their impressive platinum hair could blind you with its beauty.


The first one of our platinum blondes today is beautidul Ukrainian fitness trainer Albina.
Beautiful Ukrainian Albina is a family-oriented woman who’s looking for a man who values family too.

First up on today’s list is Albina. The breath-taking fitness trainer from Ukraine is a mature and family-oriented woman who describes herself as “romantic, cute and friendly”. The 35-year-old mother of one says she loves reading and sleeping to the sound of rain. Albina’s ideal kind of man is someone who’s active, purposeful and valuing family.


Moldovan beauty Karina loves being fashionable and feminine.
Impressive Moldovan Karina is a psychologist who loves being feminine and attracting attention.

The second impressive blonde on today’s list is 20-year-old psychologist Karina. The Moldovan girl with the expressive eyes loves to take care of herself and likes to add a little bit of beauty to everything – from decorating the house to decorating a dish. Karina is looking for a man who will be confident, classy and polite. He should like traveling and look forward to enjoying life with her too.


The third girl on the platinum blondes list is a model with a strong personality, Inessa.
20-year-old model Inessa is a sociable girl who appreciates honesty and wants a man who can bring passion in her life.

We’ve already reached the middle of our list, and this is where we find a 20-year-old model from Ukraine, Inessa. The tall girl (an impressive 1,89cm) is a very sociable person who can empathize with people and compromise, even though she has her own principles in life. Inessa loves being close to nature; from sitting by a bonfire with friends to sailing with her loved one. Her ideal man is a passionate, honest and respectful person.


One of the most beautiful platinum blondes of our list is 20-year-old economist Anastasia, who loves the art of make-up and learning languages.
20-year-old economist Anastasia is a multi-faceted kind of girl who will devote herself to her future husband.

Anastasia, a 20-year-old economist from Kharkov, holds the penultimate position on our list today.  The girl with the warm smile says there are many sides to her. She is sociable, loving and romantic, she loves learning foreign languages, and she can’t stand loneliness. The blue-eyed lady says she can already imagine her family and life with her future husband, who needs to be loving, kind and understanding.


Last on the list of platinum blondes is impressive model Juliya, who's looking for an open-minded and family-oriented man to make a family with.
Model Juliya is looking for a gentleman who values the warmth of family life.

We are closing today’s list with a bang. This is how impressive 25-year-old model Juliya is. The Ukrainian beauty describes herself as “tender, caring, sociable and easygoing” and says she’s looking for true love. Juliya loves reading, dancing, meeting with friends and reading books. She believes that gentlemen still exist, and promises to be a princess who’ll make her honest, brave and traditional man happy.

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