Today's list features gorgeous actresses.

These Gorgeous Actresses Are Looking For Their Leading Men

The dramatic art has been around since it was first invented in Ancient Greece, around the 5th century B.C. Even though playwrights have a tough job to do, it is the actors’ job to perform on stage, pouring out their soul and using their talent to entertain or move their audience. This is why today’s list of gorgeous actresses is so special.

Super Gorgeous Actresses You Will Want To Star Alongside

With their breathtaking looks, natural talent and lovable personality, the gorgeous actresses on our list today are truly admirable. Let’s get to know them a little better.


Veronika is one of the most gorgeous actresses around.
Veronika is looking for a one-woman man with a sense of self-sarcasm.

The first beautiful actress to enter the stage is Veronika, a 24-year-old girl from Ukraine. The blue-eyed lady describes herself as a “strong imaginative, associative and analytical mind” and says she has a sense of the pace of events and their interaction. Veronika enjoys anything artistic and likes to keep fit by working out. She also enjoys watching films and watching the stars at night. Her job is another source of happiness for the blonde beauty. Her ideal partner needs to be a funny, sweet, romantic person, who is intelligent, clear-minded and a “one-woman man”.


Anna is second on our list of gorgeous actresses.
Anna is an optimist who can find a positive thing in every situation.

The second girl on our list is also 24 years old, but this time she comes from Moscow. Anna is someone who likes to make those around her smile. She is a loving, kind, and sincere girl who tries to find something positive in every situation. In her spare time, the green-eyed beauty likes going to the cinema and the theatre, reading literature, camping, doing sports and cooking. Anna is looking for someone who will be faithful and honest, intelligent, funny, and strong-minded.


Sultry Anastasiya is the 3rd girl on the gorgeous actresses list.
The sultry blonde says she can make a holiday out of a normal day.

We’re already halfway through today’s list, and we find yet another 24-year-old babe. Blonde bombshell Anastasiya is the kind of person who can be by your side at hard times, but she can also be happy for you when you succeed – she says she’s never envious of others. In her free time, the sultry Bulgarian lady enjoys making clothes and she’d love to be an events organizer. The kind of man Anastasiya is looking for is someone with serious intentions. She wants to be able to pour her heart out to him and know he’ll never cheat. She promises to be faithful in return.


The fourth lady in the gorgeous actresses list is pretty Katerina.
Katerina has found the book of Kama Sutra fascinating.

We continue our special list of gorgeous actresses with a fiery redhead: Katerina. The 22-year-old Ukrainian describes herself as an “optimistic, happy, cheerful, kind-hearted and complaisant person”. Her life motto is “Take your moment and live at this moment and be absorbed in your current situation”. For the past few months, Katerina has been studying the book of Kama Sutra. She believes that is isn’t just about finding new positions, as many tend to think, but also understand ancient philosophy. The kind of guy she is looking for is someone who can awaken her passion with his. He needs to be mature, gentle, loyal and honest.


Silviya is the last girl on the gorgeous actresses list.
This stunning brunette loves to sing and dance.

In the ultimate spot of our list, we find the second Bulgarian for today: stunning Silviya from Sofia. This 23-year-old brunette is a confident girl who hates lies and tries to always be honest. She loves to dance because it’s a great way for Silviya to express herself, and she also loves singing – even though she says there’s room for improvement there. For the blue-eyed girl,  her man should be communicable and reliable. She’s also like him to be cheerful and to have a good sense of humor, but to also be responsible and serious.

We hope you enjoyed today’s gorgeous actresses list as much as we did compiling it. If you want to read more about the girls, simply click on their profile name. For a chance to meet even more amazing Eastern European ladies, visit AnastasiaDate today. You can browse our older lists here. See you next week.