A truly enjoyable list of amazing Bulgarian girls.

These Bulgarian Beauties Will Bring Excitement To Your Life

The Eastern European country of Bulgaria is world-renowned for its magnificent, fragrant roses. Another thing it is known for, however, is its fabulous Bulgarian beauties. Today, we meet five of the most gorgeous among them.

These Bulgarian Beauties Will Captivate You

The natural beauty and attractive personalities of these Bulgarian ladies will win you over, no doubt. Read on.


The first on the list of Bulgarian beauties is a blonde bombshell, Stefani.
Blonde model, Stefani, is looking for a strong man who will not be afraid to claim her heart.

We are starting off today’s list with bubbly beauty Stefani. The blonde bombshell, who works as a model, is a very open and sociable person who appreciates honesty. In her free time, the 18-year-old lady loves to dance, listen to music and keep in shape. Her ideal man needs to be strong and to know what he wants and how to get it.


The second Bulgarian beauty on this list is a tall girl with strong moral values.
The green-eyed beauty leads a healthy lifestyle but won’t force it on anyone.

The second girl on this list of Bulgarian beauties is Emiliya. The girl with the endless legs describes herself as “creative, sensitive and sincere”. She promises you’ll never be bored with her because she has a way of making people smile. In her free time, Emiliya likes to be in fashion – even on a budget – and to lead a healthy lifestyle. She doesn’t care about the age of her other half, and she’s sure they’ll both know they are right for each other from the first time they meet.


The third on the list of Bulgarian beauties is a sweet girl who loves adventure.
22-year-old Nia believes women should always be admired by their husbands.

We are right in the middle of our list, and we meet sweet Nia. The university student from Sofia is a multi-faceted personality: she is ambitious and strong, but also delicate and tender. She says she’s adventurous by nature and eager to explore new places and enjoys taking care of her appearance. Nia says she’d like to meet a kind-hearted, caring, and generous man who will fall in love with her inner world. Appearance, age differences, and a language barrier are no concern to her when it comes to finding love – only genuine feelings matter to Nia.


A pretty brunette, Desislava, is the 4th girl in the Bulgarian beauties list.
The gorgeous university student from Sofia wants to find a husband with whom she’ll share the same goals.

Moving on to the fourth Bulgarian beauty of our list, a 20-year-old university student from Sofia, called Desislava. The stunning brunette says she found comfort in her friends when she had to overcome a big difficulty in her life, but also realized the importance of living life to the full. She loves to ski, dance and write poetry. Her ideal man would be someone older, on whom she can rely and be certain of his love and loyalty. He should also be an interesting person with a hobby they can discuss.


Blonde sweetheart Simona is a psychology student who knows what she wants.
At just 19, Simona is a balanced girl who takes care of her appearance and her inner world through yoga and meditation.

The final lady on today’s list is Simona. She is only 19 years old and you can tell immediately that she’s a modern girl. The psychology student begins every day with yoga and meditation and also loves to take care of herself. Even though she is confident in her looks, she considers inner beauty even more important, so she makes sure to develop spiritually by reading books and meditating. Simona describes herself as “kind, good-natured and romantic”. Her ideal man would also take care of his looks and soul too, be optimistic, strong-willed and humorous.

As with all good things, our list also has to come to an end. If you want to know more about the Bulgarian beauties on this list, all you need to do is click on their names. Until next week, enjoy.