There Is More Than Looks To These Czech Beauties

This beautiful European country of 10.5 million inhabitants has a long history and a reputation for producing some of the most stylish and cultured women in the world. Today, we look more closely at five Czech beauties you can meet on AnastasiaDate.

You’ll Want to Meet These Czech Beauties

Stylish and educated, there is something telling about those beautiful ladies’ place of origin in their looks.


Yuliia is in love with the world.
Are you the gentleman this beauty from Prague is looking for?

We start today’s Irresistible Five with stunning Yuliia. The 20-year-old economist with lush hair says she has enough love to cover the whole world.  She is very close with her sister and wants to find a man with whom she will communicate and share common interests. Yullia says that she wants “not only a lover but a soul mate”.


Czech ballerina Lucka is a generous princess.

Right in the middle of our list today is blonde ballerina and part-time model, Lucka. This blue-eyed beauty has had a humble upbringing, which taught her the value of companionship and standing by your loved ones in hard times. Lucka is very active and artistic, while she also volunteers in a pet center. When it comes to her dream man, she is not very fussy. She doesn’t have a specific type in mind – just wants a man who is tender and willing to explore life with her.


Tall beautty Karolina is an aqua aerobics fan who needs time to trust people.
Shy Karolina believes her inner voice will tell her when she finds the right man for her.

Stunning Karolina does not trust people easily, but when you win her heart she really values your feelings. The coffee-fanatic keeps in shape by doing aqua aerobics, as she loves the feeling of water. Her ideal man is someone who is responsible, honest and cheerful. She believes that her inner voice will alert her when she finds him.


20-year-old student Daria is responsible and funny.
You are the ideal man for Daria if you know what you want in life.

Brigitte Bardot lookalike Daria is a caring and kind university student with a good sense of humor. The future tourist agent loves dancing, diving, and snowboarding, but is also a fan of relaxing at home. The ideal man for Daria needs to be mature and wise, but also gentle and romantic.


Curvaceous, fun and caring brunette Evrosinya is the last in our list of Czech beauties. She wants a man who makes her feel safe and secure.
21-year-old Evrosinya is looking for a stable man to rely on and have fun with.

Last on today’s list is gorgeous Evrosinya. The 21-year old student says that people often call her “sweet as honey”, and it all makes sense right from the first time you lay eyes on her. The curvaceous beauty hates conflict and tries not to let problems build up. This Prague native loves to admire her city’s natural beauty and architecture, while she dreams of one day swimming in the ocean. Evrosinya’s kind of guy is a strong and romantic man who can give her the feeling of safety and security.

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