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Want to Date a Ukrainian Woman? Learn How to Win her Heart!

A lot of western men travel far and wide to reach this land in which goddesses dwell. Ukrainian women have always been known for their beauty and their amazing personas that make them the ideal women to marry for a lot of men. But seeing as these lovelies come from a completely different culture than westerners are used to, it would mean a great deal to have certain qualities and attitudes in order to win a Ukrainian woman’s heart. Here is the basic playbook on how to get started on your journey to win a Ukrainian woman over.

Why Ukrainian Woman? And how to win her Heart

Suit Up!

Remember Barney Stinson? Whenever he tries to get Ted Mosby to go out and find dates, his first instruction will always be to “Suit up!” This is also the truth about Ukraine women. These women love a man that is dressed to the nines. Ukrainian culture puts much value in how one carries himself and one way to up your confidence is to dress to impress. Ukrainian women love dressing up and they expect the same from a man who would want to be with them. Heed the word of the wise: “Suit up!”

Be a Man

Okay, not that you aren’t a man, what this phrase means is to amp up the masculinity. Let that sexy and confident man within shine through. A Ukrainian woman responds best to a man who exudes an air of masculinity and confidence. And to add the cherry on top, act the perfect gentleman whenever with her. Open doors for her, take her coat, seat her when you take her out to dinner. Be protective of her and show everyone in the room that she is yours and that they should back off. Learn how to be the prince charming she only knows from fairytales, and in the end, she gets to be your princess.

A Ukrainian Woman Always Loves a Man Who Can Make Her Laugh

Okay, this is given. The universal way to get a woman’s interest is to make her laugh. But then again, not everybody is gifted with a sense of humor of a comedian. So, how to deal? The best advice for making a Ukrainian woman laugh is just to be yourself and allow yourself to have fun. This way, you will be creating an atmosphere that is light and fun, which in turn should help you segue into some jokes. The internet is full of nice clean jokes that you can use, but remember, 90 percent of the joke depends on the delivery. Relax, it will be easier to make her laugh if you don’t try too hard.


Respect, one of the most important points of this playbook. Ukraine women tend to be feminine and flirty when you meet them but you will have to remember that these ladies have a far more conservative culture than what you are used to in the west. Plus, with the way the sex industry in Ukraine goes, you will be able to score big points if you treat your lady like a queen. She will see that it is her you are interested in and not just getting her to bed. Remember, if you want to keep your Ukrainian woman and make her your queen, then this should be one of the building blocks of the relationship. Respect.

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