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The Ukrainian Women You’ll Come Across When Dating Online

If you’ve been online dating to meet Ukrainian women for a while, you may already know that there are different types of these women you will meet online. Ukrainian women who are into online dating have different personality traits, and in today’s post, we’re going to find out common types of female Ukrainian online daters, how you can spot them, and if you’d want to date them in real life or not.

Characteristics Of Ukrainian Women On Dating Sites

The types of women who are on this list are vastly different from one another since online dating in Ukraine is widespread. See how many kinds of Ukrainian ladies you’ve already met in your online adventures:

The Lady

Among all your online adventures, you will come across proper ladies. The keyword is “proper.” Have you seen those English movies where women speak when they are spoken to, and they sit with their hands crossed on their laps? That is this lady’s type. She won’t accept dating invitations passed Wednesday because she may have already made prior commitments for the weekend, and she never takes invitations on dates unless she gets to know you first.

Would you want to date her? Yes, she will most likely be a keeper. She’s a regular girl who wants to be in a serious relationship.

The Party Girl

This Ukrainian lady’s goal is to have fun – always! She’s all about having fun, meeting people, and having a few drinks. She’s the life of the party, and you may even be attracted to how energetic and vibrant her personality is.

Would you want to date her? Yes IF you’re into having fun yourself. This type of Ukrainian lady may or may not be looking for a serious relationship, but with her social life and social calendar, it’s most likely that she isn’t.

The Traveler

#Wanderlust – that’s what motivates this type of Ukrainian lady. She has the spirit of an adventurer; she’s down to earth, low maintenance and she’s open to trying, experiencing and learning new things.

Would you want to date her? Yes, definitely. The traveler is the type of Ukrainian lady who can open your perspective and horizons to new possibilities. Just make sure that you’re into traveling yourself as she may want to go exploring with you.

The Student

Believe it or not, you will come across Ukrainian girls whose only purpose when online dating is to find an Egnlish tutor. It happens!

Would you want to date her? Probably, if you don’t mind giving one, two or three English lessons.

The Deep Thinker

Saying just “HI” to a deep thinker will not cut it. You have to come up with something more creative than that to catch her attention. She’s into reading, writing, art, poetry, music, fashion, etc. She’s very artistic! What can captivate her is an intellectual who is as artsy as her.

Would you want to date her? If you have an artist’s soul, you should. Imagine what intelligent conversations you’ll have together, the books you’ll read, the poems you’ll write. Avoid this Ukrainian lady if you’re a simple kind of guy.

Among all the types of Ukrainian ladies listed here, which ones have you met? And, which ones have you dated? It’ll be fun if you can add more types to this list, so don’t be shy to leave comments below about what other types of ladies you’ve come across. Also, don’t hesitate to check out more of our blog for other posts on Ukraine and its dating culture.