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The Kind Of Love Millennials Aim For

Most people think that millennials are a hard bunch to understand. It’s difficult to comprehend what they want out of life, their career, and, most of all, love. Plenty of millennials today say that marriage is not an option for them. Others say that it would be ideal to have a domestic partnership (or to live-in together) before deciding on getting married. What kind of love do millennials want?

Understanding The Millennial Kind Of Love

Yes, this generation has its own perspective on love, relationships, and all its aspects. Let’s try to understand the kind of love that millennials aim for with this list:

1. Equal Ambition

It’s no secret that millennials are very ambitious. They want all that they do to have a positive societal impact. Usually, they don’t just take on a job because they need to earn a living. They do it because of their passion. In a partner, they want to see the same kind of fire.

2. Deep, Meaningful Connection

Ask any millennial, and he or she will probably say that connection is one of the most important factors in relationships. They need to feel connected with their significant other in a way that’s deep and intentional.

3. Individuality Maintained

We have to understand that millennials are not afraid of love. They just have a different perspective on it. Aside from having a deep and meaningful connection, millennials also want to maintain their individuality. Having their own sense of self is what makes millennials feel whole and unique.

4. Commitment Over Marriage

As mentioned earlier, millennials usually put off getting married. One of the main reasons behind this is that they want to be sure that the person they are with is committed to the relationship no matter what the trials.

5. Equal Rights

If you want to date a millennial, you have to understand one important thing when it comes to the kind of love they are looking for. When in a relationship, they want to have equal rights. This means that you have to be on the same page when it comes to childcare and house chores.

This list may be short, but, generally, this is the kind of love or partner a millennial is seeking. Hopefully, this has given you insight on how a millennial’s mind and heart works. For other interesting articles, check out our blog.