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Texting Habits Healthy Couples Do Consistently

How would you answer this question: “What texting habits are considered healthy, when in a relationship?” Truthfully, most women will likely say “texting everyday”, while most men will likely answer “once every other day”. We are not provided with a manual whenever we go into relationships but data listed below will help.

Healthy Texting Habits Couples Should Adapt

So, what’s the right answer to the question above? There’s no exact frequency, and that’s the bottom line. Based on a study done to 205 couples between the ages 18 to 29 years old, researchers have observed the following texting habits:

1. Texting Each Other With The Same Frequency

Let’s say you text each other equally as often. This is a good sign! It shows that both of you are interested enough to let each other know what’s on your minds when you are apart. Under this category, you could be texting once a day, once a week, or twice a day. As long as the frequency is similar, you’re doing OK.

2. Initiating Conversations Equally

If you don’t know who initiates the text conversation first since both of you feel like you equally do so, it’s a sign that your texting habits are healthy. The unhealthy habit would be if just one person is always initiating the texting. It could signal that the person who is always doing the initiating is more invested in the relationship.

3. Texting Each Other With Trivial Nonsense

Your co-worker ate a sandwich that was made of ham, peanut butter and jelly. You text this to your partner. It’s very trivial, isn’t it? You don’t have to let your partner know the kind of sandwich your co-worker is eating. It’s just for chit-chat, to say the least, and that’s good! If both of you are doing the same thing, equally as often, it could mean that both of you are thinking of each other throughout the day.

Which habits do you and your partner have? Remember that the amount of texting or the number of words you use are not important. Healthy texting habits boil down to equality in frequency. For more advises on relationships, check out other posts from our blog.