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If We Change The Way We Talk About Love, We Will Love Differently

When you think about loving a person, do you think about where love comes from? Most probably no because most of us feel like love is just an emotion that happens. Well, at least that’s how we talk about love because that’s what we grew up thinking.

Talk About Love From A Realistic Standpoint

Most of us wonder why our dating lives don’t really go the way we want them too. And, this is probably because we view love differently than the way it really is. So, how exactly do we see love?

1. Love is uncontrollable.

Most of us see love as this uncontrollable emotion that comes rushing in randomly, at any given time. We don’t have control over it. To some extent, that’s true because we can’t help the way we feel most of the time. However, we have to remember that love is not some force that controls every fiber of our being.

The next time you talk about love to your friends or family, think about it as an emotion that you can deal with so the next time you find someone interesting online, you can handle your emotions and take your time.

2. Everything done out of love is romantic.

Have you ever watched the movie, “The Notebook”? Probably everyone has. Ryan Gosling in the movie, if you disregard all of the romance, is downright stalking Rachel McAdams. However, we don’t really see it that way because we are sold in the idea that everything done out of love is romantic.

We can learn so much from the situation and see things objectively if we see stop romanticizing the circumstances that we get ourselves into.

What Do I Do Now?

You don’t have to do anything for now. The mere fact that you are aware of how we view love is enough. Because your perspective has changed, pretty soon your behavior will follow, the way you talk about love will change. What’s going to follow after is your behavior. You’re going to date differently, whether you’re into online dating or offline.

It’s important to see Love for what it truly is. If we want things to be better in our dating lives, it’s best that we take off the rose-colored glasses we see love through. For more dating tips, read more posts on the blog.