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These Summer Babes Don’t Care Summer’s Over, They Are Beach Ready

Are you already longing for the summer, even though it just passed? Summer’s over, that’s a fact, but don’t worry, you are not alone in the longing for hotter days. In that case you have something in common with these Anastasia Date summer babes.

Summer’s Over, But Not For These Babes

As in every other Irresistible Five we present to you our weekly selection of girls we think deserve your special attention. They all have a thing in common, specially designed for you so that you can choose according to your preferences, and this time, it’s their love for summer.


summer babes katerina

Katerina is 32 years old, and she loves life and everything that goes with it. But mostly she loves summer, all the sunshine, warmth and beauty it brings. She loves to go for walks by the ocean, and wouldn’t mind you taking her. Are you willing to do that?


Summer Babes Irina

Irina is already ready for you to take her to the beach, can’t you see? She is especially fond of fitness and swimming, and both of those things are easily done at the beach. That dress she is wearing might be a problem, though, but there’s an easy solution to that. Click on her name and find out more; you know you want to.


AnastasiaDate Marina

Marina is 23 and just loves to wear summer clothes. That is just one of the reasons summer is her favorite time of the year: she also loves it because it brings happiness and carelessness. She adores going to the beach, getting a suntan, enjoying the sun and sea, and hanging around happy people.


AnastasiaDate Nadejda

Nadejda really loves to keep her body healthy and fit. And she manages to do just fine, don’t you think? She loves dancing, but in summer swimming is her favorite activity. She goes swimming every evening and enjoys it every time. No wonder she looks so good in that bikini.


AnastasiaDate Olga

Olga is only 21, but she already knows what she wants and loves. She likes many different things, but walks on a beach are among her favorites. She likes fresh air and enjoys walking in the night when it is warm. She thinks it is romantic, especially if you are with your loved one.

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