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These Sweethearts Will Tell You Why Fall Is Their Favorite Season

A lot of people love fall. It could be because of the weather. It could be because of all the hues of reds and oranges on plants and trees. Each of us has our own reason why fall is our favorite season.

Ladies As Gorgeous As Their Favorite Season

The ladies on this week’s list also have their reasons why fall is their most favorite season of all. Could it be the season for love and dating to them? Let’s find out.


Polina 19 - Anastasia Date Lady

Polina is from Kiev, Ukraine. The reason why she loves fall so much is because she feels like the season represents her emotions and personality the best. To her, fall is loving, but a little bit cruel, passionate but a little bit withdrawn.


Alina 24 - Anastasia Date Lady

Meet Alina. Whenever she’s free, she loves to travel the world. She says that fall has made the countries that she has visited even more beautiful. Nothing compares to seeing cities and places during this special season, she continues.


Valentina 29 - Anastasia Date Lady

Valentia loves to draw and do yoga. She says that she draws most of her inspiration from her scenery, and what better scenery to capture than her city, Kherson, Ukraine, during fall. Plus, she loves doing yoga at the park during fall.


Ekaterina 24 - Anastasia Date Lady

This is Ekaterina. She describes her personality as complex, or with many sides and angles. To her, fall is the same. It’s not just one-sided. Behind the beauty of the leaves, there’s also the harshness of the winds and weather.


Sofiya 18 - Anastasia Date Lady

The reason why Sofia loves fall is plain and simple. She says that the season displays all of her favorite earth colors – from the leaves, the various displays in her city, to the color of the clothes that people wear. She’s very taken with hues of orange and red, with hints of green or brown.

Do you share the same love for fall as these ladies? If the answer is yes, maybe you have a lot more in common and not just the love for fall. Start a conversation by visiting the lady’s profile. You can do so by clicking on each of their names.

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