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Submarining, Another Thing You Should Be Careful About When Dating

Haven’t we had enough of online dating trends that everybody has been dreading to experience? Apparently, the online dating world doesn’t seem to think that we’ve had enough. Recently, another new dating phenomenon has emerged from the depths, and it is called submarining.

What You Need To Know About Submarining

On our past posts, we talked about Zombie-ing a date. Sumbarining is similar to that phenomenon. However, the main difference is that submarining is more specific. Here’s a scenario that paints the best definition of this new term:

You have been chatting with an online date for a period of time. All of a sudden, this date disappears without any explanation. You accept your fate and tell yourself that it wasn’t meant to be. After, let’s say, 3 months, this date reemerges and contacts you. This is zombie-ing. When this date reemerges, contacts you, and acts like he or she did not disappear for a while, the situation moves into the territory of submarining.

The nerve of this person, if this was the case, right? Submarine dates “dive” under the water, into the depths, and then re-surface asking you out to a movie date as if they never dove under and disappeared in the first place.

How To Deal With A Submarine Date

When a submarine date asks you out or just pops up out of nowhere, sending you messages, how should you respond? It is totally up to you. Whether you reply to this person positively or you shut this person out, it is your choice.

On one hand, there might have been something that happened to your online date’s life that hindered him or her from contacting you again. On the other, this person might do the same thing after a few weeks.

What we recommend is for you to be sensitive with the situation. Keep an open mind, but never forget to watch out for red flags. If this person offers a good explanation, a second chance might be in order. Otherwise, you might just have to think twice.

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