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You Better Stop Believing These Marriage Lies You’ve Been Taught

We’ve been taught so many things about marriage. From our grandparents to our parents, to our teachers, and even our friends, they always have some sort of input about tying the knot that they feel like we absolutely need to learn. Well, did you know that some of those lessons are actually marriage lies?

It’s Time To Separate The Marriage Lies From The Truths

Yes, not all the lessons that we were taught are actually true about marriage. Today, we are going to separate the facts from the fiction by going through this list of marriage lies:

1. It’s going to be 50/50.

This lesson seems legitimate, doesn’t it? The truth is marriage is supposed to be 100/100. You give 100% of what you have and your partner gives 100% as well. That’s how it works. The whole point of marriage is for man and woman to become one. How can two become one if one is holding off half of him or herself?

2. Marriage is hard/easy.

A lot of people say that marriage is either the easiest thing in the world or the hardest. They take it to extremes! Actually, it’s true that marriage can be easy and hard, but we all need to remember that it can also be somewhere in between. In most cases, it is in the middle – a mixture of easy times, and hard times.

3. Everything will change once you’re married.

Let’s say you’re experiencing a lot of relationship problems before getting married. Some people say that if you go through with the marriage, things might change for the better because the dynamics of your couplehood will change. This isn’t true. If you can’t fix the problems that are already in place, you won’t be able to do it when you are already married. Marriage won’t make things better. It is the conscious decision of the two people in the relationship to take proactive steps that will make the relationship last.

This is a short list but it will get you started in approaching marriage with the right mindset. If you go into it with realistic expectations, you are ensuring that you and your partner will last a long time. For more advice on relationships, read other posts on our blog.