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Stereotypes About Russian Women That Are Actually True

Stereotype – a widely known image or idea of a particular person or object. We all have stereotypes for something or for someone. If you’re planning to date Russian women, for example, you probably have a few stereotypes of your own about them but do you know which ones are actually true and which ones are just made up? Here are 6 factual stereotypes about Russian women that can potentially help in your dating life.

The Truth About Stereotypes About Russian Women

1. Always dressed to impress.

One common stereotype that you might know is the one about Russians, in general, being too flashy. When a night out in town is planned, you can expect outfits, from both men and women, that are practically torn out of a fashion magazine. This stereotype is especially true with Russian women because they tend to dress up even for a simple walk in the park.

2. Passion for Mother Russia.

The stereotype: Russians are very patriotic. If you happen to be chatting with a Russian woman and then you, unconsciously, say something inappropriate about her country, she is going to be offended. You can be sure that she loves her culture and traditions, her heritage, and everything about her country. This is important to know because you want to make a good impression and NOT insult for country.

TIP: Avoid talking about her views on the politics in her country.

3. A Russian Woman is above average in the beauty meter.

Among all the stereotypes for Russian women, this has to be the most common and the most accurate. If you visit the country, you’ll be surprised at the number of gorgeous women that you see every time you turn your head. Russians, as well as people from other Eastern European countries, have a rather low obesity rate and, thanks to their genes, most women have the features that men find attractive.

4. Women of superstition.

You can bet that any Russian woman will feel offended if you brought her 6 beautiful flowers. Confused? Well, flowers of this number (even) are only given at cemeteries and memorials so you basically insulted her with your “gift”. There are other Russian superstitions that you definitely need to watch out for especially in gift giving, in relationships and in marriage.

5. She knows her role.

This stereotype is pretty controversial but still accurate. The western culture has had great influences on the country but some things just don’t change. The definition of gender roles, for example, are still very much alive. Women know how to cook, do house chores, take care of children and so on. They might not be doing these activities on a daily basis but they’ve already been trained by their mothers to do so when they have a family of their own.

6. Vodka all the way.

All of these stereotypes of Russian women couldn’t be more well known than this one: Russian women drink vodka like it is water. It is somewhat true because there’s the occasional wine or beer. The part of this stereotype that’s 100% true, however, is that if given the choice between vodka and another alcoholic drink, Vodka would win!