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What Social Media Posts Say About Your Relationship

Have you ever seen happy couples on social media? Of course, you’ve seen them because they post everything, from waking up together, to eating together, to working out together. You get the picture, right? Well, studies reveal that couples who are truly happy don’t don’t have so many social media posts. Isn’t that a shocker?

Reasons Why Happy Couples Don’t Have Many Social Media Posts

The statement doesn’t mean that that happy couples don’t use social media at all. They do. It’s just that they post less about their relationship. AnastasiaDate has compiled the following reasons why.

1. Social Media is a Distraction

If someone is making you happy, would you want to be distracted by social media? Probably, not. Looking at your news-feed every couple of minutes is not necessary; this is how most happy couples feel. Moments are documented, of course, but the happy couple posts less of these moments on social media.

2. Happy Couples Hide their Dirty-laundry

AnastasiaDate agrees with this. Dirty-laundry, as the expression suggests, is private. In general, any couple is better off not posting anything negative about each other whenever an argument happens. A couple is also better off not letting the whole internet know that there is an argument happening. The happy couple resolves a fight in private. No exceptions.

3. There’s Nothing to Prove

When you post a lot of pictures, status updates and what-not on social media, it seems like you’re trying to prove something. The idea is similar when you apply it to a couple. If a couple is posting too much on social media, what is there to prove? Whom is there to prove it? Happy couples only have to show that they love each other to themselves.

4. Validation Happens Within the Relationship

Happy couples don’t need to let everyone know that everything is going great in the relationship. Happy couples are too busy being naturally happy than pretending to be happy and trying to prove it to everyone else.

AnastasiaDate’s Lesson for Couples

If you’re truly happy, then focus on being happy. You’d want to bask in each other’s presence and enjoy each other’s company. That’s the main point of not using social media that often because it can be a distraction. Do you agree with this list? There are more interesting tips on the blog so visit it often.