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Slow Dating Is The Dating Trend You Should Be Adopting

Who among you reading this now thinks that most people have to slow down when it comes to dating? You may be thinking, “Why would I slow down?” But, hear us out because a dating trend called “slow dating” is catching on, and you may want to adopt this technique if you want to find real love online.

Everything You Need To Know About Slow Dating

So what is slow dating? Just like the phrase suggests, online and offline daters need to take a more calm approach to finding a match. This doesn’t mean that you should become lazy with your dates. It just means you need to take a more purposeful approach. There is a distinctive difference between slowing down and not putting in the right effort, you know.

Just as mentioned, you have to be more purposeful with your approach and not think about dating as a numbers game and a race. Honestly, most of us do this today because we have FOMO (the fear of missing out).

Slow Dating Practices To Consider

When you do slow dating, it is a matter of being transparent, making genuine connections, and deciding whether that connection is worth pursuing or not. No distractions! You simply need to focus on one connection. Here’s how you do it:

  • When you’ve met someone for the first time, naturally, you talk to them and try to gauge them out. Mention that it would be nice to get to know this person, but there are no commitments yet. This means being transparent.
  • Next, you try to get to know more of the person. You have to do it enough to decide whether the connection is worth pursuing or not. If it is, ask for a date. If not, be transparent again.
  • When you’ve decided to move things forward, focus on making the most out of the date you’re on. Go on several dates if the first one was successful.

You repeat this process without any distractions until you meet the person who will likely be the best match for you. Slow dating is great because it gives us an opportunity to focus. This might be the key to dating successfully. For more dating updates, make sure that you check the rest of our blog.