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What’s The Difference Between Russian And Slovakian Women

Men who have taken to online dating have always been attracted to Eastern European women in general. And it’s not hard to see why. Women from the different Eastern European countries each have their unique qualities that make them not only appealing to look at but desirable to be lifetime partners as well. Now, the big question is: which nationality to choose? Here we will cite a few differences between Russian and Slovakian women.

Should You Date Russian or Slovakian Women?

Physical Department

A few well known Russian-born personalities in Hollywood should give you a good idea how good looking and genetically blessed Russian women are. They say this can be credited to a mixture of the east and the west, but generally, the way these women’s faces are sculpted to perfection should give no doubts. Think Milla Jovovich and Mila Kunis just for starters.

As for their Slovakian counterparts, they are just equally as beautiful. These women can still be equated with the word “beautiful” with the way they seem to all look like super models. In fact, a lot of world famous supermodels come from the Czech Republic. For reference, try  Tereza Fajksova and Taťána Kuchařová for your taste. In the looks department, we have a tie.

Education and Language

Both countries value education very much. So it’s very rare to find a woman who has not finished, at the very least, a bachelor’s degree.  So it’s pretty much a tie, and the clincher would be the level of English Language proficiency. True that both countries have English as part of the curriculum, but it can be noted that Slovakian women have a higher percentage when it comes to English fluency. As a foreign man in a non-English speaking country, this would make it so much easier to communicate with a Slovakian Dame than a Russian lass. This can prove to be a big deal as it can be a bit expensive having to hire a translator each time you go out with your lady. Besides, having a third wheel can prove to be awkward at times.

Expenses and Ease of travel

Wait, what? Okay, the reason why this category is included here is to give a bit of insight into the possible long-term issues you and, hopefully, your fiancée might run in to. Russian ladies can prove a challenge to bring home with the visa restrictions and requirements. Slovakian women, on the other hand, have the privilege of not being required visas to travel. In connection with expenses, it will be less expensive to bring your Eastern European bride to be if she hails from Slovakia than Russia. Also, traveling and staying in Russia tends to be quite heavy on the pocket compared to Slovakia where more affordable options are available. This should be significant to any man planning to find his bride in either one of these countries because, if you spend less on necessities, you will have more to spend for your lady regarding gifts and dates.

Slovakian Women VS Russian Women Tally

Both nationalities are indeed gems to behold and will be a joy to have. But, to some, and to those who can’t decide just yet, this guide might be of help for you to finally make your choice.

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