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What Single Independent Women Want You To Understand

When you think of single independent women in terms of dating, you might find them intimidating to approach. Of course, right? They’re beautiful and they know what they want. However, these women who seem intimidating to you have a secret that you may want to know.

Even Single Independent Women Have Their Reservations

Usually, the women that you find intimidating will not show you interest during your initial contact. Let’s say you met online. She won’t show that she’s interested in you just in case you reject her. Yes, even single independent women have their reservations with some men. It may be surprising to you, but it’s a fact. Just ask your female friends. So why do beautiful women feel this way?

1. They’re allowing you to take the lead.

It’s common for women to acknowledge that males and females have equal rights and, therefor, should have equal roles in the community. However, a lot of women still believe that men should take the lead. When you are showing your interest first, you’re fulfilling this role that women want you to take on.

2. They’re testing your intentions.

Let’s face it, not a lot of men are sincere about getting to know the women they meet. They may say that they want a serious relationship, but in the end, some men might just change their mind. And, women absolutely know how to play this game.

Let’s be clear. This is not some form of playing hard-to-get. It’s simply a means for women to see who is truly interested to get to know them.

3. They don’t want to get rejected.

The root of all of these reactions is fear. Women don’t want to get rejected, just like you. So, not showing interest during your first few messages or conversations is a way for them to protect themselves for those who are too flirty and less serious about relationships.

It may be hard to wrap your head around the fact that single independent women have reservations. But, remember that these women face rejection as well. If you can show your interest first early on, it might better your chances. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.