This Simple Communication Rule Can Save Your Relationship

In your current relationship, how do you communicate with your partner? Whether it is online or in real life, do you feel like you’re communicating effectively for the better of your relationship? If your answer is no to both questions, then there’s just one simple communication rule to remember.

Relationships Only Need To Follow One Simple Communication Rule

It’s a bit tricky to navigate through relationships most of the time because things always get complicated. We complicate them with our emotions and our intentions. Instead of focusing on talking about the problem to find a solution faster, we beat around the bush.

All we really need to follow is one simple communication rule: Use “I” more often. You should be careful when you say it because you don’t want your partner to think that you’re only thinking about yourself.

The Right Way To Use “I” Statements

You should never use “I” statements in the traditional way. For example, if you’re having an argument, you do not say, “I think that you are selfish.” No. You have to use it to describe how you feel. Like, “I feel like you don’t understand how I feel most of the time.” Another way that you can use “I” statements correctly is by clearly clarifying where you stand about the situation. For example, “I hope that we can move forward.”

Why You Should You Follow This Simple Communication Rule

Why are “I” statements important anyway? Think about when you are in a fight with your partner. When you focus on saying, “you” statements, your partner will feel like he or she is the one to blame for everything. For example, “You never listen to what I say.” could sound like you’re blaming your partner for not listening.

Practice This Simple Communication Rule Today

Starting today, practice this simple communication rule: use “I” statements. In truth, you’re partially to blame. There are always two sides to every story and you have to admit that you have a part to play in your arguments or issues. Try communicating better and be more open about your own emotions. This should allow you to have a good start. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.